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10 Benefits of Preschool at the Y

Discover the Many Benefits of Preschool at the Y

Preschool is an excellent way to introduce children to play-based learning at a young age. The Y offers preschool courses for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years in a state-licensed facility. Check out a few of the benefits associated with attending preschool at the Y.

10 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Preschool at the Y

  1. Preschool encourages your child's social and emotional development.
    Preschool gives your child the opportunity to foster relationships with individuals outside of your family. These relationships allow he or she to experience a variety of emotions and develop the ability to deal with his or her emotions properly.
  2. Preschool at the Y is a gentle introduction to a structured setting.
    Children who have spent most of their time with their parents or family members find preschool at the Y to be a pleasant introduction to a setting with more structure. Your child will learn how to stick to a schedule and practice following the teacher's rules.
  3. Children who attend preschool are better prepared for Kindergarten.
    Kindergarten is a new experience for children who have never been away from their parents or have no experience in a supervised environment. Not only does preschool at the Y prepare your child for kindergarten academically, but it also familiarizes him or her with a typical school schedule.
  4. Preschool lets your child develop independence.
    For some children, preschool is the first time they are without a family member for an extended period of time. This enables them to learn to make decisions and begin to develop their own identity.
  5. Your child will learn self-care.
    Preschool at the Y allows your child to practice self-care tasks, such as going to the bathroom and washing their hands. Children also assist in clean-up duty and may even prepare their own snacks.
  6. Language-rich settings foster advanced language and cognitive skills.
    Vocabularies grow dramatically during the first years of our lives. Common preschool activities, such as reading, writing, singing, and playing all promote language development in children, as well as an excitement for learning.
  7. Your child will have a safe setting to indulge their curiosity.
    Children are typically very curious and tend to ask a seemingly endless number of questions. Preschool at the Y uses an age-appropriate curriculum that helps them get answers they seek.
  8. Preschool activities help increase your child's motor skills.
    Throughout the day, children have opportunities to sit, stand, run, jump, and play with their peers. All of these fun activities will boost your child's motor skills, build quick reflexes and develop agility for various physical activities.

Enroll Your Child Today!

At YMCA of Southern Nevada, we believe preschool should be an option for everyone. That’s why we offer financial scholarships for families who would not be able to afford this program otherwise. In addition, a new preschool program will be available at our Bill & Lillie Heinrich location this fall, which will be free for all qualifying families. For more information, contact our Youth and Family Senior Director, Erica Stegall, at estegall@lasvegasymca.org.

For instructions on how to register your child for state-licensed preschool at the Y, click here.

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