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Why YMCA Swim Lessons Belong in Your Schedule

Swim Lessons and Aquatic Activities in Las Vegas

YMCA swim lessons are a fantastic activity to encourage stronger swimming skills, introduce young children to the water, and promote better strength, flexibility, and endurance. The CDC reports that water-based exercise, like swimming, is effective at improving mental health, enhancing mood levels, and strengthening family bonds. Check out some of the swim offerings available at the YMCA. 


Best Exercises at a Kid's Gym to Help Keep Your Child Fit

Kid's Gyms in Las Vegas

Nowadays, kids seem to be glued to screens, including tablets, televisions, computers, and smartphones. However, since prolonged screen time is known to cause health issues, it is advisable to get your kids busy by introducing them to various workout routines at a kid’s gym. 


Importance of Preschool for Young Learners

Why Preschool Education Is Important

Preschool lays the groundwork for a successful future for your child. It's a prime time to help a child better understand themselves, the world around them and gain the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills that will give them a leg up in school and beyond. Preschool serves as the foundation for children's learning. 


Beat the Heat at The YMCA Pool

Las Vegas Indoor and Outdoor Pools

Summer heat in Las Vegas can sometimes feel almost unbearable. Staying hydrated and using air conditioners can help cool you down. But wouldn’t it be better to cool yourself down and have fun at the same time? 


Why Children Should Take Swim Lessons in Las Vegas

Swim Lessons in Las Vegas

Taking a dip in the pool, going to the beach or swimming in the lake are excellent ways to cool off in the summer heat. More importantly, knowing how to swim keeps you safe from accidental drowning and helps you save others. You can also comfortably enjoy other watersports, such as kayaking, surfing and diving, if you know how to swim.


Programs for Teens at the Centennial Hills Y

Programs for Teens

For many parents, raising teenagers can be challenging. They're still your sweet children but are tough to manage. Fortunately, the YMCA provides programs for teens to help your teenager navigate their changing environment and develop into healthy, independent, respectable, and knowledgeable adults. Most importantly, our programs provide answers that may otherwise be unknown to you or hard to explain.


Is Stretching Before or After a Workout Better for Your Body?


We are all busy taking care of our financial, mental, emotional, and relationship goals. However, somewhere between that busy schedule, you want to sneak in a workout to take care of your physical health. Working out frequently not only strengthens the body but also boosts general health and mental wellness. However, the quality of your workout matters as much as the quantity. 


Get Voice Lessons in Las Vegas at Centennial Hills YMCA 

Las Vegas YMCA

Hailey Atwell, Teacher of the Y's Voice Lessons in Las Vegas

If you're searching for a hobby for your child to alleviate stress, boost his or her lung function, improve his or her memory, and fortify his or her immune system, it's time for them to start singing. Or maybe you want your young child or teen to connect with their musical abilities and socialize with other young people who share their interests. The Centennial Hills YMCA now offers affordable, accessible voice lessons in Las Vegas for singers ages 7 to 22. 


Making Fitness a Priority for the Single Parent on a Budget


Being a single parent is a struggle, mainly because you become the sole bearer of your child's or needs. You have to be physically, emotionally and mentally present for your dependents. Between all your domestic and work responsibilities, it's easy to forget to allocate time for self-care, including physical fitness. Unfortunately, while a swanky gym in Las Vegas, personal trainers, and healthy food deliveries can make your life easier, they're not an option because you're on a budget. 


Stretches that Can Help You Lose Weight at Your Las Vegas Fitness Center


When it comes to weight loss, many of us imagine that we need to lift weights or perform intense cardio exercises at a Las Vegas fitness center. Stretching is often seen as a means of warming up or cooling off after a workout. However, stretches have weight-burning possibilities when done correctly. What’s more, stretching improves flexibility and form, which helps you perform intense workouts better. If you’re about to hit the gym and don’t know what to do, here are five stretches you can try. 

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