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5 Productive Activities for Kids During Continued COVID-19 Restrictions

With the nation under continued COVID-19 restrictions, and many facilities closed, it can be difficult to keep children engaged and entertained at home. With kids tired and bored of being cooped up in the house, what else can parents offer them?

Read on to learn some creative, exciting and productive activities to keep children engaged in this day and age.

5 Productive Activities for Kids During Continued COVID-19 Precautions

1. Do Some Artwork

Any mention of an activity that involves drawing and painting is bound to draw excitement in children. However, with this project, the goal is not just to stimulate their creativity, but also create memorabilia. For this, t-shirts are a good option. You can use old t-shirts or buy plain ones. Brainstorming design ideas, and then, sketch them in a drawing book or sheet of paper. Begin with designs that can be easily cut out so you can use the cutout as a template on the t-shirt. Once you have the designs ready, let them paint it on their shirts.

2. Cook Together

Good food is definitely something everyone enjoys. Involve your child in the preparation! This is not only a good way of keeping them busy, but gives you an excellent platform to teach an important life skill and bond with them. Make sure you pick something they will be excited to prepare and eat. Anything that involves batter is sure to be a hit.

The Y offers #TastyTuesday Recipes. In partnership with In the Kitchens, they provide a new, family-friendly recipe every week you can prepare with your child. Check it out here.

3. Make an Indoor Obstacle Course

Every parent knows the secret to getting your kids to sleep on time is ensuring they have at least one activity that tires them during the day. Otherwise, they will still be running all over the place when it is time for bedtime. A great activity for this is an indoor obstacle course.

With a little creativity, you can use items in the house to build an obstacle course. This activity will not only be fun but will also stimulate their brains.

If indoor obstacle courses aren’t your thing, check out our at-home virtual homeschool PE classes!

4. Play Board Games

If you are struggling to keep kids off their smartphones, board games can help. Bring out the old collection, or better yet, try new board games. As it’s a group activity, board games help strengthen family bonds.

5. Plan a Treasure Hunt

Whether you have young kids or teenagers, a treasure hunt is an exciting way to keep them busy. Identify 10 to 15 things you can hide around the house. For each item, leave a set of clues to guide them.

The Y Offers Many At-home Activities for Youth and Family!

Don’t forget to check out our many at-home resources for fun ideas. Our website features preschool activities, at-home swim lesson activities, how to create a COVID-19 time capsule, DIY STEM activities, and so much more! Reach out to us today.

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