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5 Steps to Become Healthier and How Joining a Las Vegas Fitness Center Can Help

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At the start of every year, many people set ambitious goals to make themselves better. These goals span across various parts of daily life, from better handling of finances to improving one’s health.

New year’s resolutions that involve being healthier are among the hardest to achieve. This is because they require a lifestyle change and commitment to the established goal. And because realizing the changes of such a resolution takes time, many people tend to fall by the wayside. That’s why joining a Las Vegas fitness center can help keep you accountable.

5 Ways to Succeed at Your New Year’s Resolution to Be Healthier

1. Have detailed and realistic goals. 

Simply saying you will become healthier this year is not a realistic resolution. You need to be more specific and come up with a detailed plan of what being healthier actually entails. This means you need to think about the individual steps you can take to achieve a healthier lifestyle. For example, start with writing down the meals you eat on a typical day. Next, determine the changes you need to make in your diet to become healthier.

If your goal is to become more physically active, set aside a few days of the week when you may decide to walk to work, go the gym or go for a jog. Breaking down a bigger goal into achievable chunks will help you remain on track throughout the year.

2. Establish a personal commitment. 

The biggest challenge with New Year’s resolutions surrounding health is establishing a personal commitment to the goal. You’ll be surprised just how many people fail to meet their health goals because they’re simply not committed enough.

Commitment involves the little things; such as writing down your resolutions, setting reminders on your phone, and remaining motivated even during difficult times. Always think of the end goal, and use it as a basis for remaining committed. For example, if your aim is to lose a certain amount of weight, use a picture of your previous self as motivation towards your intended goal.

3. Establish a support network.

Your friends and family will be critical in helping you achieve your goals. Share your resolutions with people who are close to you, and look at them for motivation along the way. An even better strategy is to look for people who share the same resolutions as you do. You can find such people on your social media networks, at work, at church, and other similar places. With a strong support group, you’ll keep each other motivated, share your struggles, and share ideas for staying on track.

4. Make the change gradual. 

Becoming healthier is a gradual and time-consuming process. If you expect changes overnight, you’ll easily become frustrated and give up on your goals. Be patient and break down larger goals into measurable benchmarks.

For example, if you wish to lose 10 pounds, find out what you will need to do to establish this goal. Break down those activities into monthly and weekly goals you can realistically achieve. This level of detail will keep you motivated as you pursue your bigger resolution.

5. Keep yourself motivated.

As you work toward your resolution, reward yourself for reaching certain milestones. For example, if you set a goal for working out 3 days a week, you can give yourself an off day after diligently meeting those expectations over the course of a month.

The same applies to diet goals. Motivate yourself by establishing one cheat day every month (where you can enjoy a little bit of ice cream without feeling guilty). Be careful not to overdo it to the point of backtracking.

Stay on Track by Joining a Las Vegas Fitness Center

The Y’s Las Vegas fitness centers offer group classes and personal training sessions to help you stay motivated and accountable. Contact us online for more information, or visit any of our locations to tour our state-of-the-art work out facilities and get your membership.

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