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5 Tips for Staying Winter-motivated at Your Las Vegas Gym


Keep the Momentum at Our Las Vegas Gym This Winter

If you call Las Vegas home, you know it can get downright cold in December. Lows can easily be in the 30s, and the wind chill factor often makes it feel colder than that. If you’re an early morning gym-goer, it can be hard to get yourself out into the chilly air and into the gym for your routine workout.

The YMCA of Southern Nevada is more than a Las Vegas gym. We’re also here to personally help you stay in shape. With that in mind, below are 5 great tips to keep you motivated this winter. You know you’re worth it!

1. Post-Its

Popular for affirmations, they’re also handy for making workout goals visible. When the alarm goes off and it’s still dark outside, head to the bathroom mirror to read motivational phrases like:

  • You’re unstoppable!
  • Get out there — keep training!
  • Don’t quit, the finish line’s right ahead!

2. Buddy Up

Always a good suggestion: find a workout buddy. If you don’t have one, sign up for a group fitness class, and make some new friends. You’ll help keep each other from ditching those early morning workouts.

3. Bribe Yourself

Whatever it takes is ok in the winter! Not feeling a one-hour training session? Give yourself an extra half-hour in the morning and do a 30-minute workout instead.

4. Opt to Stay In

On those especially cold days, give yourself a break, and stay indoors. You can still get a great workout in with some simple gear like a yoga mat, bands and dumbbells.

5. Warm Things Up

Have a programmable thermostat? Have it warm up your bedroom right before the alarm goes off. You’ll be less likely to stay in bed if you’re not greeted by cold floors.

Check Out Our Las Vegas Gym

Don’t let cold weather keep you from working out. Stop by any one of our four Las Vegas gym locations to learn some additional tips. You can also contact us online.

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