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After-school Activities in Las Vegas to Encourage Creativity & Mental Development

While your children are pretty occupied in school, they’ll likely have plenty of energy to burn later. Finding after school activities in Las Vegas helps keep them entertained and active. More importantly, it passes skills, such as social development, emotional development and a sense of self, and improves overall productivity. Of course, since your children spend much time sitting and following school schedules, it’s best to find fun activities that excite them while keeping them entertained.


After-school Activities Las Vegas Has to Offer

1. Art-based Activities

After-school Activities in Las Vegas to Encourage Creativity & Mental Development

Nothing speaks creativity like art-based activities. You can get a palette, brush and paper for the kids and ask them to sit outside and paint something from nature. As they lay each brushstroke, the kids become more creative and understand how objects interact with space and surroundings.

Alternatively, you can create abstract paintings by pouring different paints on a canvas and allowing it to flow freely. You can also swirl the paint on a flat surface to create a mixture or explosion of colors and lay papers on it. Lastly, drawing, whether with graphite pencils or colored pencils, is also a fun activity. What’s more, you can pay for online drawing lessons to help your child master the skill.

2. Writing & Acting

Writing and theatre can also be lots of fun. Save some energy for costumes and scripts as you help your child explore a story and perform for the family. Who knows, they may grow to appreciate scriptwriting, costume design and play set up.

Writing in a journal or diary is also excellent for your child. Give them a quiet environment and space to let them explore their thoughts in writing. You can also ask them to tell you a story and enjoy the time together.

3. Cooking

Cooking with your child is an excellent opportunity to nurture their domestic skills. You cannot run out of delicious snacks to bake with your child. Find a recipe and help your young one to prepare some cookies, muffins, cake, or cobbler.

After they get used to simple recipes, try making a full dish. Tortillas, for instance, make room for creativity in the kitchen. You can pile avocado, eggs, bacon, cheese, beef, chicken, or pork. Let your child help you with dessert too. Parfaits, fruit salads, ice cream cones, gelatin cubes, and banana bread are all savory treats that kids enjoy.

4. Sports

Sports let your children burn energy and stay fit. You can make things fun by buying obstacle courses, dancing games, trampolines, toys, hula hoops, and swings for them to enjoy. They’ll be exhausted at night and settle right into bed.


How the Y Community Can Help

You can find fun, friendly and safe after-school activities in Las Vegas for your children at the Y. Enroll your children today by visiting one of our 4 locations!

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