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At-home Activities to Keep Your Fit Without Disturbing the Family

For many parents and caregivers, putting the baby to sleep is cause for celebration. When the kids are asleep, you have time to clear personal at-home activities. Sometimes, you can use your free time to sneak in a workout. However, the last thing you need is to make so much noise that it wakes the kids. Finding quiet exercises help you stay fit when the kids are in bed. 

Quiet, at-Home Activities for Any Time of Day

Body weight at-home activities with adequate support mean that you can forget the weights and focus on balance. You’ll feel the burn in major muscles on your legs and glutes as you work out. Be sure to do several reps for an intense workout. 

Beginner Arm Workouts 
Arm exercises with a pair of weights are ideal for quiet at-home activities. The weights aren’t too heavy, which means they produce little noise when placed on the floor. Lay on your back, hold the weights and spread out your arms, and lift them from the sides to the top. You can raise your legs and bend them at the knee to intensify the workout. 

Abs Workout
A simple ab workout tightens and strengthens your core. Start with a seated Russian twist on your mat before going in for a knee driver — the latter works on the core and legs. Work on several bicycle crunches and complete the workout with planks. Depending on your fitness, you can try the standard plank or go for twisting planks. 

Yoga exercises mostly focus on body weight and movement. As such, they’re quiet and great for meditation. What’s more, if you’re barefoot, you’ll reduce the noise. Get a thick yoga mat to absorb any sound and enjoy your exercise. 

How to Exercise Without Disturbing Sleeping Kids 

Use an Exercise Mat 
Vibrations easily travel through floors and disturb others. If you sleep on the top floors, any intense at-home activities are likely to wake your kids. However, an exercise mat, especially on hard floors, absorbs and dampens noise. 

Use Quiet Machines 
If you have a home gym, ensure all machines you use support quiet at-home activities. Try and purchase machines with noise dampening capabilities. Also, take measures to dampen the vibrations. A treadmill on a thick mat and the ground floor produces less noise than on the top floor. If possible, have your gym far from the bedrooms or in a soundproof space like a garage.

Use Coated Equipment  
While avoiding weights is the best way to prevent noise, sometimes you can’t avoid them. Buy dumbbells and kettlebells with polyurethane coating. You can also coat your bars with pieces of cloth or tape to dampen any noise. 

Use Headphones 
If you watch your workouts online or enjoy music when exercising, invest in a good pair of sports headphones. The wireless types are excellent because you can avoid getting tangled up in wiring. Only use the stereo when the kids are away or awake. 

At-home activities are essential for healthy parents and caregivers. You can use the tips above to reduce noise and stay fit.

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