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Don't Let the Holidays Derail Your Fitness Routine

With the holidays around the corner, the weeks will fly by before we know it! Unfortunately, this often means our fitness routines will fall to the wayside. Thankfully, there are plenty of unique ways you can give your body the exercise it needs during this busy time of the year. Here are a few tips on staying fit during these festive celebrations:

Prepare for Temptations 

With so much going on around the holidays, you’ll be tempted to skip your workouts in favor of other fun activities with family and friends. Although you should engage in these events, you also need to make time for fitness. If you’re usually a gym-goer after dark, consider waking up early and getting your workout done in the morning, so you have your nights free for festivities!

Manage Food Consumption 

Food can derail fitness very easily. With tasty treats all around, you’ll need to set a limit ahead of time. Manage your portions properly and exercise as regularly as you can to stick to your fitness goals.

Exercise at Home or Work 

Although plans like our Y Family Membership give you access to all of the equipment and activities you need, you can still get a good workout at home. Dedicate time in either capacity to at least go for a quick run every day. Whether you like yoga, high-intensity workouts or healthy stretching exercises, any time spent working out at wherever you can is worth it.

Engage in Seasonal Activities 

Do you like ice skating at the local rink? Are you planning on heading up north to a ski resort for winter vacation? Get out, and get active during the holidays by engaging in seasonal activities that are fun for you and your whole family.

Prepare for New Year’s Resolutions 

Are you thinking about setting a fitness goal for your New Year Resolution? Get an early start, and commit to exercise during the holidays. This will help you build a routine that will be easier to follow once the ball drops.

Purchase Exercise Equipment for Your Family 

Give the gift of fitness to your loved ones, and encourage them to exercise with you. Buy them comfortable activewear or at-home exercise equipment and let them open these presents early so you can enjoy them together throughout the holidays.

Get a Y Family Membership 
Do you want to have fun with your family while keeping everyone on track with their fitness goals? Then a Y Family Membership is the perfect plan for you! This program gives you and your family access to over 300 classes geared towards men, women and children of all ages. We also offer family-oriented activities that are included in every membership.

Now, through the end of October, get a Y Family Membership for $0! Stop by one of our four locations or contact us online for more information.

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