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Early Childhood Learning Doesn't Have to End When Summer Starts

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The concept of education and learning is almost always associated with schools and other traditional learning institutions. For young children, this comes in the form of preschool programs, where children begin their academic, social, and, emotional growth. 

For young children, it is important to be in environments where they can learn different skills that will be useful in future. For some, such learning and development is always interrupted during the summer when schools are closed. 

However, this does not have to be the case for your child. You can ensure your child continues to receive academic, social, emotional, and physical nourishment at the YMCA of Southern Nevada this summer.  

Here are some of the benefits of enrolling your child for the YMCA of Southern Nevada Summer camp, currently enrolling between now and August 7th!

    1. Continued Learning
      Although the summer holiday is meant for relaxation, it often comes at a cost to early learners. The long months without reinforcing what they have been learning in school can undo their academic gains over the year. Summer camp through the YMCA of Southern Nevada teaches your child valuable lessons and reinforces many of their skills. Most importantly, by remaining cognitively engaged over the holiday, they will have better chances of retaining what they learned during the school year. 

    2. Supervision and Structure 

      As a parent, the safety of your child is the most important thing. The YMCA of Southern Nevada fully understands this. This is why round-the-clock supervision is provided to ensure children have an adult around to offer assistance.

      Also, summer camp offers structure, which is vital for the development of your child. By following a routine, and participating in group activities, as well as learning how to be responsible for personal belongings, your child will become more responsible and independent.

    3. New Skills
      At the YMCA of Southern Nevada day camp, children are exposed to a wide of activities that challenge them cognitively and physically. This includes sports and other activities through which your child will pick up crucial skills such as:

      • Teamwork
      • Fair play
      • Confidence
      • Coordination
      • Problem-solving

      Such activities are not only fun, but also help improve a child’s physical and mental health as well as give them a platform to identify their talents early.

    4. Social Development
      One of the most important skills in modern-day life is the ability to navigate different social situations. At our summer camp, your child will interact with a new peer group. Consequentially, they will learn how to make friends and how to resolve issues with others. 

Allow Your Child to Have Fun

Play is an essential part of a child's development. Instead of limiting your child to the few play dates organized over the summer, send them to the YMCA of Southern Nevada summer camp or a day camp where they can play and have fun.

Enrollment for the 2020 YMCA of Southern Nevada summer camp is currently happening! Contact us today to book a slot for your child.

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