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Exercise Tips for When You Can’t Make It to Our Las Vegas Gym

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Preserving your health is a top priority, however, finding time for fitness can be difficult for many professionals. With long hours at the office and limited spare time, establishing and keeping a consistent gym routine can be tricky. At the YMCA of Southern Nevada, we want to help you achieve your wellness goals even when you’re unable to visit our Las Vegas gym. Here are a few fitness tips for busy professionals looking for creative ways to integrate exercise into their daily lives:

Make Time Whenever You Can 

Whether you work out for an hour each week at our Las Vegas gym or run around your block for fifteen minutes after work, you should take any opportunity you can to exercise. If you find you consistently have time – even just 10 minutes – at a certain time of day, try to spend that time on some sort of physical activity.

Start a Walking/Running/Cycling Group at Work 

Consider starting a group with your coworkers in which you either walk, run or cycle together during the day or in the hours after work. This is a great team-building exercise that motivates you to stick with it, while also accommodating your work schedule.

Stay at Hotels with Fitness Centers 

Even if you visit your Las Vegas gym frequently, traveling for business can disrupt your routine. When you can, choose to stay at hotels that have fitness centers on-site, so you can at least engage in cardio and light weightlifting in your downtime. Another option is to consider a Nationwide Membership.

Walk When You Can 

You’d be surprised how much walking does for your body. Get in the habit of taking the stairs or parking away from entrances when possible. These steps will quickly add up to burnt calories and a healthier lifestyle. Be sure to stand up from your desk and spend 10 minutes walking around throughout the day, too. Sitting for long periods of time is not good for your body, but intermittent walking during the work day helps counter negative health effects.

Eat Right 

Fitness means more than just exercising. You want to pay attention to your nutrition as well. Meal prep each week to ensure you’re eating healthy, balanced meals. Carry a few healthy snacks to work with you as well, so you won’t be tempted to indulge in convenient foods that aren’t great for your body.

Let Your Las Vegas Gym Motivate You 

Do you want help with reaching your fitness and wellness goals? All you have to do is ask! The trained staff at the Y is available to help you get into an exercise and nutrition routine that will keep your mind and body feeling amazing! Contact us today or stop by any of our Las Vegas gym locations, and let us help you integrate fitness into your busy schedule.  

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