YMCA of Southern Nevada

Get Access to the Y Wherever You Are with a Nationwide Y Membership

Are you looking for an affordable and fun way to prioritize your family’s wellness no matter where you are? A nationwide Y membership is perfect for you and your loved ones. As the longtime community family wellness center of Las Vegas, the YMCA of Southern Nevada understands our members have busy schedules that often take them out of town throughout the year. Instead of neglecting your fitness routine or budgeting for additional activities on vacation, a nationwide membership grants you access to nearly 3,000 Y locations across the country! 

What Does a Y Membership Include?

The benefits of a Y membership are so diverse you’ll hardly believe that a single membership can contain so many perks. The free benefits of a YMCA membership include:

  • Group Fitness Classes with Like-minded Families
  • State-of-the-art Equipment for Adults of All Ages to Use
  • Goal-setting Support from Trained Wellness Coaches
  • Exercise Classes and Programs Designed Exclusively for Children
  • Events and Social Activities Designed for Active Older Adults
  • Reliable, Responsible Childcare
  • Financial Assistance for Individuals or Families Who Need a Helping Hand

Why Upgrade to a Nationwide Y Membership?

With a Y nationwide membership, your family is always welcome to visit any of our locations across the country. No matter if you’re visiting friends for the weekend across the state or staying with relatives across the country for the holidays, the Y nationwide membership helps you conveniently commit to your family’s fitness goals and stay active. 

Who Can Qualify for a Y Nationwide Membership?

Y nationwide memberships are available for active, full-time YMCA members who already have regular memberships that do not include restrictions or special discounts. As long as you use your local membership at least 50 percent of the time, you’re eligible for the nationwide membership.

Don’t let distance get in the way of your family’s wellness. Contact us today or stop into one of our four YMCA of Southern Nevada locations to discuss the nationwide membership and all other Y membership plans today!

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