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How Can Learning Be Incorporated into Daily Activities at the Y & at Home?

Repetition is an excellent way to grasp new concepts in our lives. Activities at the Y focus on routine because children learn best in a structured and natural way. At home, you can establish routines and incorporate activities that help them hone valuable mental and physical skills.


Why Are Routines Important for Children?

Set your child up for success with healthy habits

Daily activities help children learn crucial lessons they carry on to adulthood, such as:

  • When you set the alarm for your child, bathe them in the morning, help them brush their teeth and set out their clothes for the day, they learn how to structure their days and the world around them.
  • Kids learn new words according to different activities and contexts. They understand terms such as “bathe”, “brush”, “eat”, and “sleep” because they participate in these activities daily.
  • Children learn how to behave in social contexts. When you start a conversation with them, they learn how to respond. For instance, they understand it’s important to thank the cook after a meal and clear their plates depending on their age.
  • As children grow, they learn how to initiate conversations and talk to their peers through group play.


Using Daily Activities to Help Your Child Learn

All routines have an end goal, which, when achieved, allows your child to learn. Activities at the Y, such as playing with toys, meal times, outdoor activities, and sleep, help your child develop crucial skills.

Toys for Daily Learning

Playing with different toys helps most kids appreciate the environment around them. Some of the activities at the Y include playing with dolls, Legos, action figures, and video games to help children explore their interests at an early age. Playful activities at the Y also help kids develop their language skills, imagination and identity.

Activities with Pets

A pet is a fantastic companion that can train your child to care for others. The child can play with the pet during the day and night and learn how to rub them or walk them if they are old enough. As they grow, you can train your child to brush your pet’s fur, take them for jogs and clean their sleeping area and litter boxes.

Learning Through Outdoor Activities

It’s crucial to encourage outdoor play at home for the proper development of your child. Sit on the grass and read a book, splash around in the pool, ride a bike, and explore flowers and trees. Attempt different activities and find what works for your child to ensure they enjoy sunshine and daily exercise.


Activities at the Y

Joining the Y allows your child to learn and grow with other children in their age group. Your child learns through playful activities inside and outside the classroom. Contact us today for more information about activities at the Y.

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