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How Obtaining a Lifeguard Certification Can Benefit You

If you're searching for a flexible job and are comfortable working around the water, consider obtaining your lifeguard certification. As a certified lifeguard, you'll supervise swimmers and rescue and assist individuals who appear to be in distress.

Though lifeguarding is commonly viewed as a "teen job," it's also an excellent option for adults searching for an additional source of income. To obtain your certification, you need to complete a lifeguard certification course. You do need to be a strong swimmer and be comfortable handling stressful situations. Here are just a few of the ways a lifeguard certification can benefit you.

Reasons to Get a Lifeguard Certification

You'll Have Numerous Job Options

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Many organizations need employees with lifeguard certifications. Some of the organizations that employ lifeguards include:

  • Swimming clubs
  • Y locations
  • Public and private pools
  • Hotels
  • Waterparks
  • Beaches
  • Youth camps
  • Recreational centers

Most of these facilities offer flexible shifts and multiple options for how many hours you work. If you have to schedule your shifts around your school classes, another job, or familial responsibilities, there are a lot of shifts available to lifeguards to get your hours in. There's a need for lifeguards in nearly every city, so if you need to relocate, you'll have numerous job opportunities.

You Can Improve Your People Skills

If you want to improve your people and communication skills, employment as a lifeguard will help you accomplish this goal. You'll need to learn how to properly interact with the public (even when they're argumentative) and explain certain behaviors aren't permitted. Improved communication skills can only boost your future career endeavors.

Some lifeguards decide to use their lifeguard certification to teach swim lessons. Should you pursue this option, it's essential you be able to provide constructive feedback to your students regarding their techniques. When teaching children, you'll also have to communicate with parents regarding their children's progression.

Employment as a Lifeguard Gives You a Chance to be Part of a Team

Lifeguards work in conjunction with other lifeguards and on-site employees to keep the water facilities operating smoothly and ensure patrons remain safe. You'll need to collaborate with other people regarding what areas of the pool you're observing, when you're switching stations and any issues you notice during your shift.

Depending on the situation, multiple lifeguards may need to work together to successfully complete a rescue. You may need to each take a different job or task to bring in a distressed swimmer or handle a stressful situation.

The Y offers lifeguard certification courses at our SkyView location. Stop by to learn more about available dates and times and get registered or sign up online.

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