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How to Stay Active During the Winter at Our Las Vegas Gym

When winter comes around, it’s easy to stay in the house under blankets. It’s only natural that staying indoors is a great way to get through winter. Unfortunately, being inactive has significant problems, including disrupting your fitness level. We understand that it’s challenging to find the motivation to head out in winter and that the weather can disrupt your Las Vegas gym routine. However, it’s possible to enjoy a healthy workout in the winter with these tips:

Prepare for the Weather

How to Stay Active During the Winter at Our Las Vegas Gym

The cold outside is the hardest part about hitting you Las Vegas gym in the winter. You have to dress up for the weather, and once you’re done, the motivation may not be there. However, with proper planning, you can transition smoothly into winter. For example, shopping for gym wear for winter before the season arrives, saves you time when winter comes.

Early shopping helps you avoid layering with cotton, that’s heavily absorbent. It’s essential to have fabrics that insulate your body. Once you’re protected from the cold and humidity, you can quit worrying about exposure.

It’s also wise to adapt your workout routine at your Las Vegas gym. A new practice can excite you into activity. For example, the aerobics and yoga class may be more inviting than your usual weight lifting. It’s best also to create an alternative home workout in case the temperature is too low for you.


Create a feeding routine that includes proper hydration. You’re likely to get dehydrated in the winter because of the cold. Drink water at home, in the office, before and after exercising in your Las Vegas gym to keep your body healthy. When you hit the outdoors, or your Las Vegas gym, protect your skin, use hydrating lotions and creams, and sunscreen. Cover exposed all parts of your skin, including the hands and head appropriately.

The Weather Works to Your Advantage

When it’s cold, your body burns fats more efficiently. Your cardiovascular system works less, and you sweat less, which means that you use less energy than in warm weather. Therefore, outdoor exercises, such as jogging, walking and cycling are excellent for you in Las Vegas. However, be sure to have an intense warmup session.

Cold muscles are prone to more injuries and strains. Stretching your body moves the joints and increases blood flow. You can do arm circles, arm twists, high steps, and lunges to warm up outside and in your Las Vegas gym.

Know the Signs

While you may be layered with non-absorbent fabrics and ready for a day at your Las Vegas gym, it’s essential to know the signs of hypothermia. The risk of hypothermia increases in low temperatures. Should you develop symptoms such as extreme shivering, loss of coordination, extreme weariness, and slurring, make an emergency call. For this reason, it’s best to head out with a charged phone and inform others of your routine.


Stay Fit This Winter at Our Las Vegas Gym!

Winter is a great time to change your Las Vegas gym routine and enjoy excellent mental clarity in the cold. Regular exercise also keeps you fit and ready for your next workout challenge. With the Y’s Las Vegas gym, you can create the perfect winter activity list. Contact us today for more information.

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