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Take Fitness Classes at the Y

If you are experiencing insomnia, poor quality of sleep or other related issues, consider attending fitness classes. The lack of sleep can lead to poor of concentration, drowsiness during the day and decreased productivity. In addition, sleep deprivation has been linked to long-term health problems, such as heart disease, obesity, strokes, and declining overall physical performance. Fortunately, you can manage your sleep problems by becoming more active and exercising.

How Working Out Can Lead to Better Sleep

Insomnia Management
High-intensity exercise can help manage both insomnia and poor sleep quality. Therefore, if you are struggling with these problems, you should opt for activities like aerobic fitness classes. The intense workout will allow for better sleep at night and minimize other issues, such as depressive symptoms, drowsiness and loss of vitality.

Reduction of Latency
Numerous people have trouble falling asleep. This is one of the most common forms of insomnia. Proper exercise has been found to reduce the rate at which people fall asleep, or sleep latency. When people participate in workouts, such as moderate intensity aerobics, they will fall asleep faster.

Alleviation of Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes a person to stop breathing sporadically when sleeping. This condition compromises sleep quality and increases snoring. Individuals with this condition will often experience daytime exhaustion and drowsiness. Exercise will reduce the effects of sleep apnea, and you will also feel less fatigued during the day.

Practical Tips for Using Exercise to Improve Sleep Quality

If you do not exercise regularly, you might have difficulty establishing a new workout routine to improve your sleep. Here are some simple tips to help you get started and get the most out of your fitness efforts:

Choose a Fun Workout Activity
Select a fun workout program. Most people fail to stick to a workout routine because their choice of exercise is too rigorous. If you choose something enjoyable, you will be more likely to commit. Ideal options include Zumba, Les Mills BODYPUMP and aqua aerobics, all of which are offered at the Y.

Think About Joining a Group
Plan on joining a fitness class instead of working out alone. If you have a group to provide moral encouragement, you will have more motivation for consistent exercise. In addition, the interactions in the fitness classes can make the experience more enjoyable.

Consider the Optimal Workout Time
Finally, choose the ideal time for working out for the best sleep benefits. Where possible, you should exercise in the morning. People who work out early experience deeper and longer sleep at night. However, if this is not an option, you can work out in the late afternoon. Avoid working out at night because the stimulation will interfere with relaxation. 

Sign Up for Fitness Classes at the Y

The Y offers a variety of group fitness classes to choose from that are fun and easy to stick to. Visit one of our locations or contact us online to register.

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