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Pool Exercises Included in Aqua Classes in Las Vegas to Help You with Weight Loss

Working out is enjoyable, especially when you can include splashing in a pool. Aqua classes in Las Vegas don’t only serve a recreational purpose; you can use different pool exercises to manage your weight. As you maintain the routine, you can burn fat faster and also improve your swimming skills.

Why should you take up aqua classes in Las Vegas? Water offers one of the best environments for resistance training. It’s denser than air, which means most moves require more energy.


3 Ways Pools Can be Used for Weight Loss


Water Dumbbells Used for Aqua Classes in Las Vegas

Basic swimming is a great place to start with weight loss, and also familiarity with your pool. When you swim, your heart rate rises, and you burn calories. As you cover laps during your aqua classes in Las Vegas, you engage muscles in your arms and legs to propel you forward. Swimming also exercises your core muscles, which helps you tone your body and lose belly fat. Try the freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke.

If you’re unsure where to begin, sign up for aqua classes in Las Vegas. As you train, your muscles grow, and your body becomes used to the swimming movements. With time, three laps may be insufficient for a workout. You can move to more robust strokes, such as the butterfly, with the guidance of an instructor and increase your laps for better exercise.

The Bicycles

This type of exercise does not require an underwater cycle, but if you have one, even better. To do the bicycle exercise, move to the pool edge and support yourself with your elbows. If you have a ladder into the pool, hold the sides for support, and start moving your legs in a cycling motion. You can also try this move during your aqua classes in Las Vegas because it keeps you on the periphery. It’s an excellent workout for your abdomen and legs as you resist the water, and for your shoulders and arms as they support your weight.

The Dolphin

If you’ve never attempted the dolphin before, it’s great to join aqua classes in Las Vegas for some lessons. However, if you’re already doing laps across your pool, mastering this move is easy. First, put your legs together as you would when starting a lap across the pool.

Stretch your arms out as you would when diving. Let your head face down into the water, push yourself forward from the pool edge, and keep your arms straight ahead slightly below the water surface. Swim like a dolphin by using your core and your legs to move, almost like a wave. To learn more about the dolphin kick for weight loss, sign up for aqua classes in Las Vegas.


Joining Aqua Classes in Las Vegas

Whether you are new to swimming or need to polish your skills, aqua classes in Las Vegas can help you out. The YMCA offers excellent aqua classes with instructors for learners of all ages and skill levels. Visit the Y to find out more about our aquatics programs today.

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