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Programs for Teens at the Centennial Hills Y

For many parents, raising teenagers can be challenging. They're still your sweet children but are tough to manage. Fortunately, the YMCA provides programs for teens to help your teenager navigate their changing environment and develop into healthy, independent, respectable, and knowledgeable adults. Most importantly, our programs provide answers that may otherwise be unknown to you or hard to explain.


Parenting Doesn't Have to Be a One-Sided Job

Programs for Teens at the Centennial Hills YThe Centennial Hills Y has programs for teens and pre-teens in grades 6 and up. The programs include talks, connections, and night activities that give you tools to help you better understand and communicate with your teen. Here's what to expect from our variety of teen programs:

  • Teen Talks

    Think back to your experience as a teenager. Were you inquisitive, curious, eager, yet reserved and frightened in some respects? Maybe you were confused and wished the adults would quit sneaking around and provide all the answers. Or maybe, you got crafty and found solutions for yourself.

    Teenagers are eager to understand their bodies, sexuality, and relationships. They want information that can help them navigate the physical and psychological changes they're undergoing. Teen Talks centers discussions around these changes and provides a platform where your child can ask questions freely and receive answers.

    In all our programs for teens, our experienced staff strives to provide factual and beneficial information to help your child understand the world around them and make positive and bold decisions. We tackle everything from bullying, self-confidence, and healthy relationships to parent-child struggles and adulthood.

  • Teen Connection

    It's time to let your child out and let them make friends, meet new people and learn to socialize. Teen connect brings your teenager closer to other kids their age, who are also interested in learning and making friends.

    Like adults, teenagers need to form strong bonds with people and create a community of their own. As the kids connect, they learn how to befriend others, sustain friendships, identify common interests, and navigate romantic relationships.

    The skills they acquire during Teen Connection help them navigate relationships at home, the workplace, and the online world. We help teenagers express themselves, articulate ideas, understand public speaking, participate in social activities, and learn sign language.

  • Teen Night

    The Centennial Hills Y is excited to stare at the stars with your teenagers tonight in our park. Our dinners and fun theme nights are fun and exciting, and most of all, memorable. We organize theme parties where teenagers can let loose and have fun. We also stock up on video games for some friendly competition and activities at the gym.

    Besides providing fun and educating your team, Teen Nights are also an excellent idea for parent time. Just drop off your kids with us and enjoy a few hours to yourself or with a partner.


Reserve Your Child’s Spot in Our Programs for Teens

We have limited spots in our programs for teens, running until May. Check out the Teens Programs Flyer or join the Centennial Hills YMCA for more activities.

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