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Simple At-home Exercises for the Whole Family

Daily physical exercise is essential for overall health. If you spend most of your time seated while working, studying or enjoying entertainment, it's crucial to spare some time to stretch your muscles and exercise. But with so many options and advice around workouts, it's challenging to identify simple routines you can do at home.


All-age Exercises to Do at Home

Enjoy Your House Chores

Physical activity spans beyond wearing gym apparel and following an instructor. Daily chores in your home include lifting, bending and walking and are an excellent form of physical exercise. When you vacuum the carpet in your home, weed, water your indoor plants, rake leaves in the yard, sort the laundry, organize clothes for storage or clean your car, you're exercising.

Games & Sports

Get healthy at home with these exercises from the Y

Children enjoy physical exercise through games and sports. Let them play hopscotch on your driveway, hide and seek in the house or tag in the backyard. Buy some hoops, jump ropes and a trampoline if possible, to keep your kids as active as possible.

Adults can play too. Set up poles and net in the yard for badminton or volleyball or get table-tennis for an indoor game with the family. If you have a pool, schedule several laps in the morning or evening and ask the kids to join. You can also install a basketball hoop and do a few rounds every evening to decompress.


Dancing is an excellent way to work out the whole body and have fun doing it. As you dance, you work on your balance, coordination and endurance, while strengthening your muscles, lungs and heart. You can go for freestyle, shake to your favorite tunes or watch guided dance videos. Zumba, hip-hop, contemporary, and belly dancing can help you have an enjoyable home workout.


Gym Exercises

You can also enjoy quality gym exercises from your home's comfort by joining the Y for online workouts. Once online, you can choose pre-loaded exercise videos or a virtual class for a community. Once you have your gym clothes on and suitable space, try the following:


Lunges target the legs and glutes and are a great way to practice balance.


Get your shoulders, arms, and core strengthened by doing several pushups every day.


Squatting targets your lower back, core, glutes and hips. It also helps you burn calories in your lower body and improve your balance.

Overhead Dumbbell Presses

You can list dumbbells over your head while standing or sitting to engage your arms, shoulders and back.

Triceps Dip

To engage your arms and upper body, try triceps dip. As you move up and down against the sofa, you'll feel the burn in your arms and shoulders.


How Can the YMCA of Southern Nevada Help?

Working out at home doesn't have to be hard or tedious. With the Y, you can access hundreds of instructors, videos, and a community of enthusiastic people working out from home. Check out our resources or contact us, today!

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