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Smoothly Transition Your Kids Into Summer and Back to School with This Helpful Checklist

Summer is officially upon us, and with kids being out of school for months already due to recent world events, families across the nation are faced with a unique transition between abruptly ended learning, summer break and back to a regular school routine.

After spending the majority of the year enrolled in school, summer can feel a little disconcerting for some students. Similarly, the transition from summer break back to school, where the learning environment will be slightly different this year, can be challenging. Here are a few things you can do to help your child continue transitioning into summer and back into the school routine.

Make The Transition Into Summer and Back to School Easier for Your Kid This Year

1. Keep Daytime and Nighttime Routines as Consistent as Possible

By keeping school and summer routines consistent, your child will have an easier transition when it’s time to go back to school. Encourage healthy sleeping habits by limiting screen time at least one hour before bed, making sure your child gets plenty of activity during the day, and keeping the lights dim and bedroom temperatures cool right before shuteye.

2. Use Count-down Tools to Help Kids Anticipate Fun Activities (Like Teachers Do!)

Advent calendars are a popular way to count down to holidays; instead of counting down to a holiday, use a calendar to count down to the first day of school or the start of activities your kid loves.

Not sure what activities are available for kids this summer? Check out the summer camps at the Y. Your children will spend their days participating in a variety of summer activities for kids, interacting with their campmates and learning the Y's core values. Summer camp at the Y can also help you with securing reliable child watch. You can sign up for full days or half days, making it easy to ensure summer camp sessions suit your summer schedule.

3. Encourage Your Kids to Reach Out to Friends

Some kids are apprehensive about summer because their friends aren't as accessible. While phone numbers and email addresses are some of the more traditional contact options, there are other options that allow your kids to safely communicate with their friends. Messenger Kids and the STARS Messenger app are two alternatives for parents who want to oversee or limit their kids' communication. Kids can keep each other up-to-date on their summer fun, or your kids might find a time to meet up for group summer activities for kids (with parent approval).

4. Get Your Children Involved in Planning Their Summers

Kids like to feel independent, and involving them in planning summer activities for kids will give them a sense of control. Have your children make a list of some of the summer activities for kids they want to participate in. If you're taking a vacation, encourage your kids to scope out your destination for potential outings.

To learn more about our summer activities for kids or the Y’s summer camp, please stop by any of our four locations.

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