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Teach Your Child to Include Others at Our Las Vegas Childcare Facilities

The Y’s Las Vegas Childcare Facilities Will Help Teach Your Child Inclusion

Just as children can learn intolerance and exclusion, they can also learn to include others. From a very young age, you can serve as an example to your child and raise someone who respects other people’s uniqueness and isn’t afraid to reach out to others, including those who seem to be different from your child on the surface.

Las Vegas childcare offers many opportunities for your child to interact with others and start to learn important social skills. The YMCA of Southern Nevada has state-licensed preschool, as well as a kids’ gym for ages three months to seven years old, and they both foster friendships and inclusion combined with learning and activity.

The following tips will help you teach your child to include other kids:

Find Opportunities to Learn About Other Cultures
Encourage your child to learn about other cultures and the experiences of other people in fun ways. Take them to local events and festivals that put the spotlight on other cultures in a positive way – which often includes games, music, food, and more.

Include Different Cultures at Home
Include different heritages in your home by cooking a meal or listening to music from another country. Also, take care to choose books for your child that showcase a wide range of cultures, races, genders, etc.

Support Individuality
Make sure your child knows, even at a young age, that he or she is a special person who has something to offer. By teaching your child a person’s appearance, beliefs, interests, personality, and other unique qualities help make them special, you can support the idea that everyone else has something to offer as well.

Help Your Child Make Friends in Different Places
Kids should have a diverse set of friendships, such as those with people they’ll meet and spend time with in a variety of different settings.

Be an Includer
Make sure to reach out to other people, and serve as a good role model for inclusivity. Introduce yourself to someone nearby or reach out to someone else you don’t know when you’re out and about. Your child will see how you reach out to people you haven’t met and learn how to make these connections more easily.

To find out more about our Las Vegas childcare programs that can help build connections and inclusivity, contact us online or stop by one of our locations today.

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