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The Advantages of Being CPR-certified & Where to Take CPR Classes

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, popularly known as CPR, is a lifesaving first-aid skill. When a friend, family member or person near you is in cardiac arrest, CPR may be the only thing standing between them and death. After taking CPR classes, you can step in and save a life before the paramedics arrive.


Reasons to Take CPR Classes Today

CPR Saves Lives

The Advantages of Being CPR-certified & Where to Take CPR ClassesThe Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation estimates that nearly 356,000 people annually have cardiac arrests outside hospitals in the U.S. What’s more, 90% of these attacks are fatal. Even if paramedics arrive eventually, there is significant damage in the few moments the heart stops beating. When the oxygen supply to the brain is cut off, damage to the brain cells occurs.

Some of these heart attacks may happen near you at home, in school, or in public places such as shopping malls. When you take CPR classes, you learn the necessary techniques to save a person’s life as you wait for emergency medical services. As perform CPR on the patient, you ensure blood flow to vital organs, including the brain, to prevent further damage and improve recovery time.

CPR Classes Are Easy

You don’t need a background in medical studies or qualifications to sign up for CPR classes in Las Vegas. You can learn CPR in different locations of the Y Las Vegas. There is online material for you to read and watch before attending a physical class to master the techniques. You can take one class or renew your technique every few years to stay prepared.

CPR-certification Improves Your Career

Being CPR-certified is an essential part of practicing professions, such as coaching, volunteer work, firefighting, child care, health worker, flight attendance, lifeguard, and teaching, among others. These are careers where people are in danger of choking, drowning, passing out, and getting heart attacks during intense activities. Taking CPR classes and acquiring CPR certification demonstrates your preparation to handle disastrous situations and save a life. However, anyone can learn CPR and become certified as an additional skill. It speaks well of you as a person and prepares you for emergencies.

CPR Skills Improve Your Confidence

When disaster strikes, being prepared helps you panic less and help out. When a co-worker, family member or person in public has a cardiac emergency, you can perform CPR immediately as you attempt to call for emergency services. Taking CPR classes helps you master the technique and administer CPR confidently.

Remember that during emergencies, it’s often people that are closest to the victim that offer assistance. If you have taken CPR classes, you could be one of the assistants the next time someone has a cardiac arrest. What’s more, cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, not just older adults. People with heart abnormalities or someone drowning or going through a drug overdose need CPR.


Where Can I Learn CPR In Las Vegas?

The Y of Las Vegas offers CPR classes for all. We provide blended lessons- online material and a physical class to keep you CPR-certified. Register for our CPR classes and be prepared to save a life today.

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