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The Benefits of a YMCA Membership

The YMCA offers a community centered on family, wellness, and fitness. There's much to enjoy from fitness facilities and training lessons to children's programs and camps. Joining the YMCA grants you access to facilities for you and the family. Here are some of the benefits of a YMCA membership Las Vegas.  

Fitness Class Schedules  


Creating a fitness schedule is often challenging for a beginner. One of the benefits of a YMCA membership Las Vegas is access to pre-planned fitness classeswith a trainer. We have fitness classes for older adults, younger adults, and children.  

What's more, you don't have to travel to the facility to attend the classes. YMCA Las Vegas has offline and online classes for all. Simply log on using your membership card to the class your computer, smartphone, or tablet. We follow Nevada COVID-19 protocol for your safety.  

Swimming Classes  

Learning how to swim makes you feel more comfortable and safe around water. It's also an excellent way to enjoy water sports at the beach or water parks. YMCA Las Vegas provides swimming classes for children and adults. 

You can sign up for parent and kid lessons, youth lessons, and adult classes. What's more, if you enjoy fitness through water sports, you can sign up for some of our classes such as aqua Zumba, power aqua fitness, arthritic splash, and lifeguard training courses.  

Youth Activities 

When children break for the holidays or have free time after classes, it can be challenging to design an interesting and healthy program for them. Fortunately, one of the benefits of a YMCA membership Las Vegas is the youth activities 

Participating in youth programs is a great opportunity for your children to socialize, stay fit, and grow. We have basketball, baseball, soccer, gymnastics, dance, and baseball. We also have circuit training, yoga, boot camps, and kids' play.  

You can also sign up your teenagers for teen programs where your kids engage in meaningful dialogue about drugs, relationships, education and careers with our staff and peers.  

Family Engagement  

Finding quality time for the family can be challenging between work, school, and other responsibilities. One of the most significant benefits of a YMCA membership Las Vegas is fun family time. At the YMCA, you don't have to worry about organizing activities.   

We plan activities such as crafts, movies, swimming, and sports for the entire family. We also have family-friendly hikes and family volunteering programs. What's more, we have date nights for the parents to give you time away from the kids.  

Join The YMCA Today! 

The YMCA Las Vegas has the facilities to entertain you and your family. Join us today for health, wellness and fun for the entire family. 

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