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The Benefits of Combining Strength and Cardio Workouts at a Las Vegas Gym

Incorporate Both Cardio and Strength Training into Your Workout at Our Las Vegas Gym

When it comes to working out, many people have two different schools of thought. People who want to lose weight often opt for cardio workouts for fear strength training will add to their weight and cause them to bulk up. People who want a toned physique sometimes steer clear of cardio because they think it'll compromise their muscle mass. This begs the question: when you go to a Las Vegas gym, should you be combining strength and cardio, or would it be wiser to stick to the routine that works better for your fitness goals?

Your body actually needs both forms of exercise to optimize your health. Read on to learn why.

How Cardio Benefits the Body

Cardio strengthens your heart, which is the most important muscle in your body; in turn, it's great for your entire cardiovascular system. A strong heart can deliver oxygen and nutrients through your blood system efficiently. A healthy heart is essential for any other form of fitness.

Cardio does not, however, burn muscle under normal workout conditions. This only becomes a factor if you force your body to turn to muscle because it has no other energy to burn, which happens when you don't eat, exercise at a high intensity for 45 minutes, or exercise vigorously every single day. A proper diet and consistent workout will prevent a catabolic state from occurring.

How Strength Training Benefits the Body

For people who want to bulk up, strength training has obvious benefits, but it's actually important for everyone. This form of exercise increases the strength and endurance of your muscles, so your cardiovascular system can be more efficient in the calorie- and fat-burning process.

Combining Cardio and Strength Training the Right Way

Every person is different, and your fitness goals do play a part in the way you combine these two types of exercises. Here are some things to consider before you switch up your workout routine:

  1. What's your primary goal?

    Depending on whether you want to gain muscle or lose weight, your primary form of exercise will differ. When you go to your Las Vegas gym, you'll still want to incorporate both, but the intensity and frequency in which you do them will vary, depending on your ultimate goal.

    • Gaining muscle: Lift three times a week with 20- to 30-minute cardio sessions on your off days.
    • Losing weight: Focus on cardio but integrate brief periods of strength training on your off days so you don't overwork your body.
  2. What's your body type?

    Naturally thin people will respond differently to exercise than people who tend to store more fat. Your body type should be considered when determining the best regimen for yourself.

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