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The Benefits of the Y’s After-school Program

Register Your Child for the Y’s After-school Program

More than ever before, early childhood learning has become an important part of a child’s development. At the Y, we recognize the value of instilling a passion for learning in children. Our After-school Program provides a wide range of healthy educational activities for school-aged kids. This program keeps your child occupied and engaged in a supervised environment.

Why Choose the Y’s After-school Program? 

After-school programs at the Y are different from many others, as each member of our team is committed to nurturing the potential of every child by supporting their physical, social and cognitive development. Highlights of our program include:

1. Qualified Caregivers 
At our after-school programs, you can be sure that your children are in good hands. We have qualified caregivers and role models who work closely with the children to provide enriching activities. Children learn quite well with role models, and we have optimized our program to take advantage of these meaningful relationships.

2. Healthy Activities 
From physical activities that will keep your child moving to cognitive tasks that improve critical thinking skills, our program is diverse and encourages continuous learning. In fact, we’ve dedicated our activities to fostering your child’s ability to succeed. We provide sports, mentorship and academic support throughout the school year.

3. Time for Reading and Homework
If your child doesn’t get enough time to do their homework at home, our after-school program is the perfect solution. At the Y, we dedicate time for reading and doing homework. Children are encouraged to tackle their homework assignments while at our locations, so they can advance their academic skills.

In short, after-school programs at the Y are perfect for keeping your children occupied and productive. To learn more about our program, contact us online, or visit one of our locations to register your child today.

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