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The Top Reasons to Join a Gym with Childcare

When searching for a fitness center, look for a gym with childcare. Research indicates that active parents are more likely to have active children.

If you're working to embrace an active lifestyle, getting the whole family involved helps you accomplish your goal. Here are a few reasons that it's beneficial to take your kids to the gym with you. 

1. Kids Learn the Value of Fitness and Healthy Habits

YMCA Las Vegas Gym With Childcare

Parents who take their children to the gym with them are exhibiting behavior that proves they value activities that improve their health and overall fitness.
It's easy to explain the benefits of exercise to your kids or encourage them to participate in hobbies that encourage movement.

However, it's more effective for your kids to see you physically demonstrating the healthy habits you encourage. Your kids will also see you set goals related to your health. They'll learn more about setting realistic goals and the amount of work it takes to reach a goal. 

2. Children Have an Opportunity to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Going to a gym with childcare gives your children the chance to implement healthier habits into their own lives. Kids 6 years of age and older should get at least an hour of moderate physical activity each day, and a few days a week, the activity should be vigorous. Many children are struggling to reach this goal, especially when their schedules are filled with computer-based learning and homework. 

Most gyms with childcare have multiple opportunities for kids to be active. They may have parent and child exercise classes, or they might have a space or field where kids can play their favorite sports.

Children are also exposed to a variety of activities; this enables them to try new games and sports. The YMCA offers a number of classes, leagues, and programs specifically geared towards children. 

3. Gym Resources Can Teach Kids the Correct Way to Train or Complete Certain Exercises

Many children enjoy mimicking their parents, and this includes their preferred exercise routine. Your child might want to try a Pilates class or learn basic weight-lifting moves.

It's important to learn the correct techniques and guidelines for participating in certain activities. These rules should be taught when a child is first learning a move.

Not only does this decrease the risk of injury and maximize the benefits of the exercise, but it's easier to learn how to do a move correctly than to correct poor form in the future. 

Though exact age requirements depend on the gym, many facilities have a program to teach kids and pre-teens how to safely perform the movements for certain exercises. There are also classes to teach them how to use free weights and exercise machines.

4. Children Have a Chance to Socialize with Other Kids

Many kids look forward to accompanying their parents to the gym because they have a chance to socialize with other children. They may be used to primarily interacting with family members or classmates.

When you join a gym with childcare, your child has a chance to interact with kids outside of their usual routine. This exposes them to a wide variety of people and allows them to practice communicating and playing with new children. 

5. A Gym with Childcare Gives Parents Options

Most parents have found themselves in a situation where they couldn't locate a babysitter for their kids. Maybe their normal daycare was closed, or perhaps their babysitter had to cancel.

A gym that provides childcare offers a stable, alternative solution for parents who need care for their kids. The cost of many childcare programs is included in your monthly membership fee, and any programs that do charge an additional fee are typically a low-cost option.

At the YMCA, parents can enroll their child in Kid's Gym, free of charge, for up to two hours each day. Whether you need an energizing Zumba class or a relaxing yoga class with friends, childcare is available to ensure you can attend to your physical and mental health. 

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