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Tips from the YMCA of Southern Nevada for Making Recess Fun Even with a Small Backyard

Regular exercise for children can help them stay physically fit and happy, especially when they need to stay at home. Even with a small yard, you can create suitable entertaining activities for your kids to enjoy at any time. The YMCA of Southern Nevada cares about your kids’ health, which is why we’ve compiled this list of fun activities for recess in a small backyard: 

Creating a Tree Swing 
The laughter and joy brought by swinging are worth every second. If your kid is missing your park visits, it’s a great time to bring the park to your yard by creating a tree swing. Before building the swing, ensure your tree has strong branches to support your child’s weight.

Create a Sandbox 
A sandbox is a simple and effective way to get your kids outside. Kids enjoy using their small rakes and shovels to gather and dig sand. They can also shovel the sand into buckets, build sandcastles and play with their toy cars on the sandy landscape.

If you have a concrete or asphalt yard, hopscotch and chalk games are perfect ways to get the kids outdoors. You can use painter’s tape or masking tape to paint the grid on the ground. Alternatively, you can buy a pack of colorful chalks and measure the grids out before drawing. The YMCA of Southern Nevada recommends hopscotch because it helps your child practice their aim and focus, especially when tossing the marker. Hopscotch also helps your child enjoy physical exercise by skipping boxes and balancing their weight to collect markers. 

Inflatable Kiddie Pools 
Your kids will appreciate splashing around in a pool, especially after a long day of play. You can fit a small, inflatable pool for your kids to soak in, splash around and play with their floating toys.

How Can the YMCA of Southern Nevada Help?

The YMCA of Southern Nevada offers a variety of outdoor activities for kids of all ages, and even has events parents and kids can enjoy together with Family Nights. Contact us online to learn more about all we have to offer.

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