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What Services Are Available at the YMCA Centennial Hills Location?

What Services Are Available at the YMCA Centennial Hills Location

YMCA Centennial Hills is a proud member of the Las Vegas community. We offer a variety of services for individual and group recreation and development. If you’re looking for an ideal center to learn new skills, achieve your fitness goals, and enjoy some family fun, YMCA Centennial Hills is the place to be. Here are some of the services we provide:

1. Fitness Center

When it comes to overall fitness, YMCA Centennial Hills provides various fitness options that help you tone your body, manage weight and stay healthy. For lifters and weight lifting fitness techniques, we have a fully equipped strength room. YMCA Centennial Hills also has circuit machines and cardio equipment for any cardio routine. We also have a fully packed aerobics room and a cycle class to help you stay fit. You can also enjoy indoor games such as foosball, air hockey, and billiards or head out for laps in the field.

2. Professional Trainers

YMCA Centennial Hills’s trainers take you through professionally crafted fitness programs to keep you healthy. We have experienced trainers for children, adults and older adults because we understand that health and fitness goals vary with age. Our programs are suitable and safe for all our members. If you need to work out alone, you can drop off your children in the kids’ fitness center, where they can also enjoy fun exercises and stretches before you go home together.

3. Swimming Pools

Swimming is an excellent way to relax and enjoy some exercise. YMCA Centennial Hills heated indoor pools and outdoor pools are available throughout the year for use by any experienced swimmer. If you need training, you can also organize swimming classes with our professional trainers. You can also enjoy sessions in our therapy pool with the help of a trained aquatic therapy specialist. At the end of the session, you feel soothed and your muscles relax to help you enjoy everyday life.

4. Water Park

Enjoy a day of fun-filled activity with family and friends at YMCA Centennial Hills water park. Start by taking several water slides before splashing around in the pools. The park is always regulated and safe for your kids.

5. Engagement Centers

Do your kids need a safe place to connect and play with others and remain productive? YMCA Centennial Hills provides the perfect rooms where your children can relax and catch up with homework before going out to play. The rooms are well-lit and aerated, with proper furniture for kids to do their homework and play with toys. We also organize group activities at YMCA Centennial Hills and outside the center, where your kids can enjoy their time with friends.

6. Family Fun

YMCA Centennial Hills sets aside days for family and parents’ nights out. The nights include movies, snacks and moments for engaging conversations with like-minded members of the Las Vegas community. You can also rent our spaces for training, classes and fun activities with family, friends and colleagues.

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At the YMCA Centennial Hills location, you can achieve your fitness, social and fun goals in one location. Reach out today and become a member.

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