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Why Fall Is the Perfect Time to Join a Las Vegas Gym


Join the Y’s Las Vegas Gym This Fall

Fall is a perfect time to start a fitness routine or refresh your current one. If you've thought about joining a Las Vegas gym or just becoming more active, here are some reasons now is the time:

Reasons to Join a Las Vegas Gym This Fall

Cooler Temperatures 
Average temperatures during summer in Las Vegas hover around 100°F. In that heat, even a walk around the block can be draining. Temperatures drop considerably in the fall, making it easier and more productive to work out.

More Structured Schedule
During the summer months, good intentions can be quickly derailed by barbecues and pool parties. You're more likely to commit to regular exercise during fall, when you're back to a schedule and there are fewer distractions.

Boost Your Immune System
Cold and flu season cranks up during fall, when bacteria and viruses begin spreading. Regular exercise gets immune cells circulating through your body more quickly, so they can fight off potential invaders.

Improve Your Mood
Scientists have identified a condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that strikes many people to one degree or another. Physical activity stimulates production of hormones in the brain that reduce anxiety and depression.

Prepare for the Holidays
Fall marks the kick-off of holiday season. Having a solid workout schedule means you can allow yourself to indulge a little bit during the holidays. It's much easier to maintain your existing fitness regime than it is to start from scratch when the new year arrives.

Workouts for All Ages and Fitness Levels

Are you looking for a Las Vegas gym that accommodates all ages and levels of fitness? The Y offers a full range of activities and classes, along with personal trainers who can help you get the most out of your workouts. Visit one of our four locations to explore membership options!

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