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Why Fitness Classes May Be More Effective Than Trying to Get in 10,000 Steps a Day

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There’s a lot of hype around the “10,000 steps a day” approach to working out. Many people strive to walk for this distance to achieve their weight goals and live healthier lifestyles. 10,000 steps translate to about 5 miles of walking, but the question is, is this approach the right one for you?

Debunking the 10,000 Steps a Day Goal 

It turns out taking 10,000 steps a day isn’t actually a scientifically proven approach to weight loss. There isn’t enough evidence to confirm this is the best strategy for you to achieve your fitness goals. Furthermore, other forms of exercise aren’t accounted for when using this approach. 

Fitness professionals always recommend a healthy mix of physical activities when attempting to lose weight. From in-gym exercises to various fitness classes, different workout routines keep your entire body healthy. It may also be challenging to track exactly 10,000 steps during any given day. 

For these reasons, a better approach is to track the amount of time you spend working out, rather than counting steps. You can then fit your goals and activities within this set timeframe.

How Fitness Classes Can Help You Achieve Workout Goals 

Attending fitness classes is one of the best approaches to achieving your workout goals. These classes are fun, teamwork-based and designed to provide measurable results. Here are compelling reasons to take fitness classes as part of your workout routine.

1. Draw Motivation from Your Classmates

When working out, having people who share the same goals is a big motivation booster. Your classmates will push you to higher limits, and you’ll draw inspiration from those who are where you want to be. For example, Zumba classes are fun, motivational and filled with health benefits. You’ll get to work on many different parts of your body, including endurance and flexibility. 

2. Get Guidance from Professional Instructors

Most fitness classes are led by professional instructors. These instructors have experience in matching your fitness goals with the right workout routines. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds or improve your muscle movement, fitness class instructors will help you establish an exercise regimen specifically targeted for your needs.

3. Achieve Quantifiable Health Goals 

Each fitness class is designed to help you achieve specific goals. Aqua and dance aerobics are perfect for improving cardiovascular health, while Body Combat classes are perfect for building your technique. Therefore, you can closely match your health-related goals with each fitness class you take. By seeing tangible results, you’ll be motivated to keep going and, ultimately, become healthier. 

At the Y, we have fitness classes for all age groups. From Zumba for adults to cycling boot camps for teens, you’ll easily find something for everyone in your family. Stop by any of our locations to become a member and get access to these classes today.

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