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With a Family Membership, Kids Can Enjoy the Benefits of Yoga, Too

Sign Up for a YMCA Family Membership So Your Kids Can Attend Yoga Classes With You

Many adults spend a majority of their time sitting in front of a computer screen or TV. This tightens the muscles of your body, restricts blood flow and can lead to all kinds of physical issues. Practicing yoga can help loosen up the muscles and release tension, as well as increase strength and endurance.

However, yoga isn't only beneficial to adults. It offers numerous benefits to children as well. With a family membership, you and your family gain access to yoga programs designed specifically for families just like yours.

How Yoga Can Benefit Your Children

Develop New Ways of Dealing With Stress

Children have more stressors now than ever before. They need constructive outlets to manage their stress. Some children take to sports, however, there are other children who do not connect to the highly competitive nature of sports and feel pressured to win.

With yoga, children learn stress management through breathing. They will learn how to still their bodies as they stretch, which helps calm their minds. Focusing mental energy on performing a yoga move helps push natural stress away. 

Becoming Part of a Non-competitive Group

In many ways, competition is good. However, this can be overwhelming for children. Family and kid-friendly yoga classes offer a great opportunity for a child to become part of a non-competitive group. This establishes healthy bonds with other kids in a calm, positive atmosphere. 

Improve Their Mental Focus

By practicing yoga, the body's muscles open up and stretch. This not only helps strengthen the heart, but also improves air flow through the body. With an increased level of oxygen in the body, more blood and oxygen will reach the brain, allowing children to improve their mental focus. This will, in turn, help in other areas, such as schoolwork. 

Sign Up for a Family Membership to Reap the Benefits of Family Yoga Classes

Yoga isn't just for adults. With a family membership, your whole family can experience the benefits of this exercise. Contact us online to learn more about our classes, or stop by any of our Las Vegas locations to get signed up.

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