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You're Only as Old as You Feel: 6 Exercise Tips to Add Years to Your Life

Keep Yourself Feeling Young with the Y’s Fitness Classes

There's no arguing that older adults who stay healthy and active certainly feel better than those who don't. Regular exercise brings many benefits. It can help strengthen your immune system, so you're better able to fight off illnesses; increase strength and balance, so you're less likely to fall; and improve your overall mental health. In fact, studies have found that exercising for as little as 15-minutes a day can actually extend your life expectancy!


6 Tips for Becoming More Active

  1. Park Further Away from Your Destinations
    Choosing a parking spot that's further away from the entrance will help you squeeze in some extra steps without even noticing. Depending on how many errands you run, this small change could end up making a big difference. To take this a step further, you can start meeting up with friends for walks around your neighborhood or find a safe walking trail to enjoy. 
  2. Take the Stairs
    If you're physically able, choose to take the stairs whenever possible. Climbing stairs improves your cardiovascular health and can significantly extend your life expectancy. Best of all, it's easy to incorporate this small change into your daily routine.
  3. Go for a Swim
    Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for older adults because it's easy on your joints while also offering natural resistance that builds muscle. If swimming laps seems too intense, try joining a water fitness class instead. 
  4. Try a Gentle Yoga Class
    Yoga helps improve flexibility and balance while also relieving stress and promoting relaxation. When you first begin to practice, make sure to choose a gentle, beginner-friendly class. If you struggle with balance, chair yoga is another popular option that's equally as effective.
  5. Join a Senior Fitness Program
    The YMCA's Active Older Adults program gives you the chance to stay in shape and have fun while also making some new friends. It includes group wellness and fitness classes, walking groups and even social clubs. Many people find the social aspect is exactly the type of motivation they need to make a healthy lifestyle change.

A Y membership is more affordable than you may think. We offer discounted rates for seniors, and you may also qualify for financial assistance. Some insurance companies will even cover the cost of your membership, so you can join for free! Stop by any of our 4 locations to get signed up.

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