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Best Exercises at a Kid's Gym to Help Keep Your Child Fit

Nowadays, kids seem to be glued to screens, including tablets, televisions, computers, and smartphones. However, since prolonged screen time is known to cause health issues, it is advisable to get your kids busy by introducing them to various workout routines at a kid’s gym. 

Exercise for kids helps them have muscle and bone strength and lowers the risk of hypertension, diabetes, and increased blood cholesterol levels.  

One way to include activity in your child’s life is by enrolling them in a kid’s gym, where gym instructors will guide them until they achieve the desired outcome.  


Main Exercise Routines at a Kid’s Gym in Las Vegas 


1. Running 

While it seems simple, it is not easy to get your children to run regularly. Running will strengthen their muscles and bones when coupled with healthy diets. Children at all age groups can run, provided they are interested in the activity, and they have no significant injuries. Running can also be used as a build-up routine for other sports, including tennis, basketball, and soccer. 

2. Skipping 

Skipping increases your child’s heart rate and improves their core strength. It has also been associated with improved brain functioning because it engages both the right and left sides of the brain.  

Skipping is an ideal choice for kids as young as three years who can master the motions of jumping and swinging ropes. It is a fun exercise included in games like snake, helicopter, stack-up, jump rope relay, and water splash. 

3. Swimming 

Other than being an essential life skill, swimming can also improve your child’s physical and mental health. It boosts cardiovascular health by helping the lungs and heart function more effectively. Swimming also improves flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance in children.  

Besides, it helps your child expand his/her social networks and relax the mind. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends swimming lessons for kids above a year old since most kids below this age do not have the necessary breathing skills.  

4. Squats 

Squats are often recommended for older kids (about five years and above). It is an ideal choice for lower body workouts since it builds glutes, hamstrings, and quads while strengthening a child’s lower back. Squats also help kids build endurance and even boost their self-confidence. During exercise sessions at a kid’s gym, the instructor may use an ottoman or stool placed behind your child to ease the squats. 

With the above benefits, you’ve probably realized that a gym membership is not exclusively meant for the adults in the family. It thus makes sense to get a family membership so that the entire family, including children, can reap the benefits. Join us at the YMCA to get your child fit and healthy at our kid's gym! 

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