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Reap the Benefits of Group Fitness Classes at the Y

Group Fitness Classes

 Join Our Group Fitness Classes at the Y

Sometimes it's just a little too easy to hit that snooze button on the alarm clock or stay in bed for an all-weekend marathon of your favorite TV show. Finding the motivation to workout can be difficult – which is why you should explore group fitness classes at the Y. Group fitness classes have been proven to give people the motivation they need to not only lace up and show up, but also achieve their fitness goals.


Get Fit for Summer with Family Fitness at the Y

Fitness, YMCA

Take a Family Fitness Class at the Y

Keeping active and staying in shape is important for everyone regardless of their age, but so is time spent with family. At the YMCA of Southern Nevada, we have a wide variety of family fitness options and amenities for kids, parents and senior citizens.


10 Benefits of Preschool at the Y

YMCA, Preschool

Discover the Many Benefits of Preschool at the Y

Preschool is an excellent way to introduce children to play-based learning at a young age. The Y offers preschool courses for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years in a state-licensed facility. Check out a few of the benefits associated with attending preschool at the Y.


Experience Summer Like Never Before at the Y

Summer Camp, Community Pool, YMCA, Waterpark

Visit the Y to Enjoy the Best Summer Activities, Programs and Adventures

At the YMCA of Southern Nevada, every day is different. There's always something new and exciting to do and ways to experience summer like never before. Here's a look at five reasons the Y is your one-stop shop for fun by the water, outdoor activities and exciting exercise this summer.


Weekend Fun for the Whole Family

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Enjoy Weekend Activities for the Whole Family at the Y

Ah, the weekend. It's the two days of the week when you can relax and spend time with family. If you're like a lot of parents, you are always searching for a place to find weekend fun for the whole family. At the YMCA of Southern Nevada, it’s all about family, all the time. Each of our locations offers family weekend events you’re sure to love.


How to Make Time for Both Family and Fitness

There are seven days, 168 hours or more than 10,000 minutes in a week. If you're like a lot of parents, almost every one of them is already spoken for. It can be incredibly difficult to find time for fitness. The YMCA of Southern Nevada is here to help.


Family-Friendly Community Pools and Waterparks in Las Vegas

Community Pool, YMCA, Waterpark

Las Vegas is home to an array of world-class waterparks. If you're looking for a fun, family-friendly place to cool off this summer, check out the community pools and waterparks offered at the Y.


Fitness Regimens for Moms on the Go


If you’re a mom, you probably spend a majority of your day taking care of your family, while your own well-being takes a back seat. With everything you have going on in your day, it can be tough to find time for fitness. However, getting the exercise you need may be easier than you think. The YMCA of Southern Nevada makes it possible to prioritize your daily fitness with our childcare program. Our certified caretakers will watch your children, so you can get your workout in with these simple regimens:


Health Benefits of Water Aerobics

Fitness, Water Aerobics

Aqua aerobics is a fun and effective way to exercise for almost any level of physical fitness. However, it is an exercise form that often gets overlooked because people tend to think they won’t get as much of a workout as they would with a different class. What they don’t realize is that the health benefits of aqua aerobics are numerous. Here are some of the top health benefits aqua aerobics provides.


Kids Day Camp at the Y

Summer Camp

Sign Your Child Up for Kids Day Camp at the Y

There's something about summer camps that brings out the best in kids. If you're looking for a great kids day camp, you'll find an array of safe, fun and educational opportunities for your child at the Y. Here's what you can expect from the YMCA of Southern Nevada’s summer camp programs.

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