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How Can You Volunteer at the YMCA Las Vegas During COVID-19?

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Volunteering is a great way to give back to the Southern Nevada community. Becoming a volunteer also teaches you new skills and improves your standing in the community. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s different protocol when it comes to volunteering at the YMCA Las Vegas. Here’s what you need to know about volunteering at the Y:


What Services Are Available at the YMCA Centennial Hills Location?

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What Services Are Available at the YMCA Centennial Hills Location

YMCA Centennial Hills is a proud member of the Las Vegas community. We offer a variety of services for individual and group recreation and development. If you’re looking for an ideal center to learn new skills, achieve your fitness goals, and enjoy some family fun, YMCA Centennial Hills is the place to be. Here are some of the services we provide:


3 Reasons to Jump into Group Fitness Classes at the Y

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During these uncertain times, one thing is for certain, group fitness classes are back at the Y! With classes offered from our fitness partners Silver Sneakers, LesMills and Zumba, you’re bound to meet your fitness goals in no time. While there are many reasons to reserve your spot in a class today, here are just three reasons to get your motivational juices flowing. Jump into a class, and you just might find your new favorite way to work out and even make new friends along the way!

Join one of our safe group classes at the Y

Pool Exercises Included in Aqua Classes in Las Vegas to Help You with Weight Loss

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Working out is enjoyable, especially when you can include splashing in a pool. Aqua classes in Las Vegas don’t only serve a recreational purpose; you can use different pool exercises to manage your weight. As you maintain the routine, you can burn fat faster and also improve your swimming skills.


Simple At-home Exercises for the Whole Family

At Home, At Home Workouts

Daily physical exercise is essential for overall health. If you spend most of your time seated while working, studying or enjoying entertainment, it's crucial to spare some time to stretch your muscles and exercise. But with so many options and advice around workouts, it's challenging to identify simple routines you can do at home.


How Can Learning Be Incorporated into Daily Activities at the Y & at Home?

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Repetition is an excellent way to grasp new concepts in our lives. Activities at the Y focus on routine because children learn best in a structured and natural way. At home, you can establish routines and incorporate activities that help them hone valuable mental and physical skills.


Tips from the YMCA of Southern Nevada for Making Recess Fun Even with a Small Backyard


Regular exercise for children can help them stay physically fit and happy, especially when they need to stay at home. Even with a small yard, you can create suitable entertaining activities for your kids to enjoy at any time. The YMCA of Southern Nevada cares about your kids’ health, which is why we’ve compiled this list of fun activities for recess in a small backyard: 


Outdoor Fitness Activities the Whole Family Can Do


Outdoor Fitness Activities the Whole Family Can Do

An outdoor workout with your family will keep you fit while strengthening your family's bond. It is also a great way to spend quality time together. Outdoor exercise helps boost your mood and confidence, and also challenges your muscles. As the weather changes, and it starts getting cooler outside, consider these activities for the whole family.


After-school Activities in Las Vegas to Encourage Creativity & Mental Development

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While your children are pretty occupied in school, they’ll likely have plenty of energy to burn later. Finding after school activities in Las Vegas helps keep them entertained and active. More importantly, it passes skills, such as social development, emotional development and a sense of self, and improves overall productivity. Of course, since your children spend much time sitting and following school schedules, it’s best to find fun activities that excite them while keeping them entertained.


Socially Distant Sports to Play at a Fitness Center in Las Vegas or at Home

Socially Distant Sports to Play at a Fitness Center in Las Vegas or at Home

Sports are a great way to exercise, relieve stress, bond with others, and also learn teamwork. However, many sports include close contact with others. During the coronavirus pandemic, the need for social distancing is vital, so playing sports that encourage distance is a great idea. Whether you plan to play in your backyard or at a fitness center in Las Vegas, the following sports are great for family fun. 

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