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Smoothly Transition Your Kids Into Summer and Back to School with This Helpful Checklist

Back to School

Summer is officially upon us, and with kids being out of school for months already due to recent world events, families across the nation are faced with a unique transition between abruptly ended learning, summer break and back to a regular school routine.


5 Productive Activities for Kids During Continued COVID-19 Restrictions

Tips, Summer Fun

With the nation under continued COVID-19 restrictions, and many facilities closed, it can be difficult to keep children engaged and entertained at home. With kids tired and bored of being cooped up in the house, what else can parents offer them?


Early Childhood Learning Doesn't Have to End When Summer Starts

Summer Camp

Enroll Your Child in Y Summer Camp Today

The concept of education and learning is almost always associated with schools and other traditional learning institutions. For young children, this comes in the form of preschool programs, where children begin their academic, social, and, emotional growth. 


Top 5 Benefits of Y Summer Camp for Kids

Summer Camp

Benefits of Summer Camps for Kids

There are many benefits to enrolling your child in the YMCA of Southern Nevada’s educational and fun summer camps. Hands-on learning activities allow your child to become a well-rounded individual. Our camps are not only designed to be a fun way for your child to spend their summer, but they also impart a lot of skills and knowledge to complement their academics. Here are the top 5 benefits of summer camp for kids.


How Obtaining a Lifeguard Certification Can Benefit You

Lifeguard, Benefits

If you're searching for a flexible job and are comfortable working around the water, consider obtaining your lifeguard certification. As a certified lifeguard, you'll supervise swimmers and rescue and assist individuals who appear to be in distress.


Why Enroll Your Child in the Y's Indoor Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons

Register Your Child for Indoor Swim Lessons at the Y

Learning to swim is a rite of passage every child should enjoy. Not only does this skill help build confidence, but it also ensures they can stay safe while enjoying summertime fun. 


The Secret to Setting Achievable Goals at Your Gym in Las Vegas


Join Our Gym in Las Vegas

Research indicates people who set goals have better results than those who simply want to "do better." However, to get the most benefit, it's essential to set effective goals. Here are some tips for setting goals you can actually achieve at your gym in Las Vegas:


Giving to the Las Vegas Y: What Your Donation Actually Does


Donate to the Las Vegas Y to Make a Difference in Your Community

The YMCA of Southern Nevada is an organization dedicated to changing lives for the better. Our cause is not only meant to promote the lives of individuals but also to build a strong, healthy and stable community. They have developed multiple programs across the region to touch and inspire children, teens, adults, and seniors. The time, valuables and finances that people donate to the Las Vegas Y are used to support many causes. If you are wondering what exactly your donation does, here's how it helps.


Revive Your New Year's Fitness Goals at the Y’s Las Vegas Gym


Achieve Your Fitness Goals at Our Las Vegas Gym

Are your New Year’s Resolutions already starting to drift off track? Now is the time to revive your fitness goals at the Y! The YMCA of Southern Nevada is more than a Las Vegas gym — it’s a caring community devoted to helping individuals and families achieve their lifestyle goals.


How a Y Family Membership Can Bring Your Family Closer Together


Sign Up for a Y Family Membership and Save This January

Quality family time is an essential component of creating a close-knit family. This strengthens emotional bonds, helping to improve communication between family members. Fun family activities are especially important when it comes to child development. According to a south university report, spending more interactive time with your children can help them get better grades, and they will be less likely to display behavioral issues.

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